FLOCKER of September

  Lisa Priest  & her pup  Wrigley  - Spillery Creative, Sommelier and Wine Marketing

Lisa Priest & her pup Wrigley - Spillery Creative, Sommelier and Wine Marketing


As founder of Spillery Creative, I help clients create and execute marketing strategies for their businesses. Since moving back to Minneapolis from California’s wine country, I have been working remotely for several wine brands. I love strategizing new and exciting ways to share the stories behind the wines, which includes creating content for wine releases and curating guest experiences. I am always looking for new and exciting projects, which is why I love coming to FLOCK! There are so many fun and interesting projects that Flockers are working on, and a great community to act as a sounding board for strategy and ideas.


With such a fun group of individuals at FLOCK and my wine background, Wine Wednesdays was inevitable. Every other Wednesday, we come together to learn about and taste some fabulous wines. From Wine 101 to the many faces of Pinot Noir, we dive headfirst into a topic and learn a thing or two while broadening our palates. We keep it to an hour or so (because, it IS only Wednesday, after all,) and make sure that wine lovers of all knowledge levels can attend. With good wine, fun people and unlimited popcorn, there’s no better way to spend an hour of your hump day. To learn more about Wine Wednesdays, click here. And whether you’re a long-time Flocker or just a wino from off the street, you’re invited! #brownbagoptional


Even though I have more than a decade of wine experience under my belt, I learn something new every time I open a bottle. After working at a few Minnesota restaurants (and becoming obsessed with good food and good wine,) I travelled to London, where my love for food and wine took me from catering for the Queen to becoming an in-house wine advisor an Argentinean restaurant. After experiencing Argentina’s wine harvest, I knew I had to work harvest myself, so I set off to California to become a harvest intern (AKA cheap labor.) That sealed the deal for me! While my current focus is small California producers, my wine loves span the globe (ever tried an Israeli wine? They’re amazingly delicious.) I think that wine is an art form, and that means that there is usually no right or wrong answer. Follow your gut (or better yet, your nose.)


As a lifelong wine enthusiast, I love sharing my passion with others through wine classes and gatherings. Interested in learning more about wine? Have a group of gal pals or  looking for a unique party activity? I can lead your group through an indulgent, fun wine session. After trying a few varietals and learning how to swirl, sip (and spit, if that’s your fancy,) you’ll come out feeling like a pro. So, the next time you find yourself perusing the wine aisles, you’ll be better equipped to select a wine for your unique palate. 

Want to learn more? Click here to shoot me an email! Or, check me on Instagram @spillerycreative or visit my website (coming soon!) at spillery.com