FLOCKER of August

  Kylee Leonetti  - Kylee and Christian Creative, GirlCreative, Leonetti Confetti

Kylee Leonetti - Kylee and Christian Creative, GirlCreative, Leonetti Confetti

I'm Kylee, owner of a video/film/photo production company alongside my husband at Kylee and Christian Creative; founder of a social hour for rad creative females to connect called GirlCreative; and chief confetti cutter (CCC) at my freshly launched celebration co, Leonetti Confetti.

I'm from Minneapolis, MN and work around the country to give our clients the best experiences in photography and video. I dream at night of producing the scripts my partner is currently writing into feature length films.




What I do on a daily basis varies! Most days I am either on set producing a video, photographing whatever my clients need, or in the office prepping a shoot. I love coming to FLOCK to get sh*t done and really focus on my to-do list and not my overall/long term business goals, which tend to be looming over me and occupy a lot of my thoughts. At FLOCK, I'm motivated to make things happen NOW and really tackle the world. I think it's the creativity of the space and the people who inhabit it -- everything about FLOCK totally inspires me!

FLOCK is different than any coworking space you'll ever tour. Full of creative nooks and crannies to hunker away and get your work done in solitude, or you have the beautiful and spacious bistro where you can see and be inspired by everyone else working around you - FLOCK has something for everyone. Even the kitchen is a perfect place to pour yourself a glass, pull up a stool, and write all those emails you promise yourself you'll send, but somehow end up watching cat videos on YouTube instead. Put it this way: at FLOCK, you won't want to watch cat videos, you will actually want to work!

I've been here six months and am still learning so much about the place. Did you know it used to be a Persian rug factory? It makes sense in that case that the exterior is so ornate and beautiful! And the people here are TOPS - always willing to coordinate a referral or give advice during Big Brain, which is THE COOLEST standing Wednesday afternoon brainstorming session you will ever attend. I'm so grateful my friend introduced me to FLOCK and I love officing here! If you're on the fence, schedule a tour and a "free first day" and get ready for the best and most productive workday of your life!